How Text Messaging Appointment Software Can Help Doctors and Healthcare Service Providers

Technology advances make life easier and quicker. It brings comfort and makes things done more efficiently. When it comes to the medical industry, physical therapists, dentists, surgeons and other specialists who maintain a medical clinic besides being residents in a hospital may benefit more from innovations in information and communication technology.

In the traditional concept of a medical clinic, the doctor is busy tending to the patients while the staff focuses on answering the telephone. Rarely does a clinic employ more than two employees considering that labor cost is expensive. The tendency of a manpower-short clinic is to have backlogs on clerical and administrative tasks because a secretary is unable to complete all things because most of the time, there are patients calling on the phone setting up an appointment with the doctor, re-scheduling an appointment or making queries.

Text Messaging In Online Appointment Scheduler

To make medical clinics efficient and at the same time, updated on their administrative and clerical tasks without compromising quality of service rendered by the doctors, physical therapists, dentists and other medical professionals, an automated online appointment scheduler is introduced. The automated system allows all calls to be accommodated, documented and processed according to their purposes.
Mostly, the automated online scheduler entertains calls from patients who wish to set an appointment with the doctor or make changes in their appointments. Upon reaching the designated number, the patients will hear instructions on every stage of the process until the schedule is set and confirmed.

Besides making a call to set an appointment, patients can also opt for sending a text message to a designated number. They will then receive a text message for the instructions until the appointment is set.

In both instances, the patients will receive reminders about the approaching appointment with their doctors. With this approach, medical professionals can save time because it reduces the “no show” from patients.

Benefits of Text Messaging in Online Appointment Scheduler

Besides efficiency in the performance of employees, the online appointment scheduler insures that every call is answered. This feature is very important especially when there are emergency situations. The messages recorded or chosen depending on whether a call, e-mail or text messaging system is opted are timely relayed to the doctors, dentists and physical therapists. Patients can set an appointment anytime of the day and night.

Other benefits include:

• Convenient and user-friendly. The online appointment scheduler does not require installation. This means that there are no servers to worry about nor backups to make.

• Increase profits. Appointment by text messaging is less intrusive. It also guarantees that the doctor’s time will not be wasted. If, for example, after sending reminders to patients about the scheduled appointment, a more urgent matter comes, the patients will immediately make an adjustment about the appointment. The doctor may have the option to use the vacant time either by accommodating the next scheduled patient or the patient that is currently waiting at the clinic.

Doctors have the liberty in adjusting the settings of sending reminders to their patients about their schedule. They can set the messages to be sent a day or two earlier. There will also be messages sent a few hours before the appointment.